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  • Violations according to Alternative media: are they bias?

    Violations according to Alternative media: are they bias?

    Revolutionary media with the beginning of armament: denial and credibility negligence The Syrian revolution continued to be a peaceful one for about 6 months, at that time no one thought that talking about violations will involve any one but the Syrian regime, considering him the sole committer …

  • How did the alternative Syrian newspapers deal with the truce and reconciliations?

    How did the alternative Syrian newspapers deal with the truce and reconciliations?

    The truce in Syria, and observing it, was the hit news in all international and local media of the month of April, as all of a sudden and with no prior warning/heads up, both US and Russian Foreign Ministers imposed a truce in Syria. Despite the circumstances of this declared truce and the …

  • The Syrian Migration

    The Syrian Migration ... Through the Lens of the New Syrian Alternative Media

    Among the most important manifestations of the Syrian Revolution have been the phenomena of displacement, illegal immigration and asylum and has topped the headlines of Arab and Western news since the second year of the revolution. In addition to the more than 4.5 million refugees, there are 6.5 …

  • Syrian Women

    Syrian Women ... Political Presence and Media Appearance

    Syrian women have played a prominent role in Syria since the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution in March 2011. In particular, Syrian women’s roles were most influential in the peaceful stage of the revolution. The Assad regime pushed vigorously for revolting Syrians to take up arms. It also …

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